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Uprising episode 3 – Our time

I’m sure that the majority of people who read this will be familiar with the work of Kent & Tommie of CustomPB TV/CustomCartel Productions (if not, start watching the other videos they’ve uploaded!), so I wont go into any real background here.

All that’s needed to be said, is that this has obviously been outstanding for a considerable length of time, and it certainly seems to have been received well and feels to me at least, that the wait was worth it.

Myself and Ellis from Tigers feature from the offset of Friday, and the way it’s been edited by Fawkes really does give this such a professional documentary style feel to it, and just brings together what we both said to show you the story.

Tommie took a break from editing over some of the Winter months, and he still seems unsure as to his plans for this year, but as far as I’m concerned, I hope that he gets back involved and we see him filming and editing this season as every video is better than it’s predecessor.


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