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2012 Millennium Series – Rd 1 St Tropez – Pre Event

London Tigers’ lead-up to he first event has felt quite short, but whilst I’ve been editing this post over the past few weeks, it makes you realise and appreciate how much time we do actually get to learn the field – the PSP in contrast only provide them 1 week in advance. Also, I thought this could end up reading as more interesting than it does, so, I’ve slapped in some arty photos from Ray Ko of to make life bearable. Enjoy.

The weekend the field was released some of the team trained but I was up attending a tech course at Planet Eclipse HQ with Twizz and Matt & Barry from the second team, so, that was that weekend written off pretty much, I wasn’t much fancying being in Manchester on Sat, and then down in Bricket Wood on Sun as I’d got a busy week at work from memory, so wanted a little bit of sleep and prep’ time, not hours and hours driving around the country.

The weekend of the 3rd was the CPPS. We headed up relatively early and started running points against Nexus, Disruption, The Firm and Copenhagen Ducks. I’d spoke to Jay Ford (who has a blog by the way, I’d advise giving it a read) in the week and he’d shared some of Nexus’ learnings the previous weekend and this, coupled with what some of the boys who were at Basildon training the previous weekend, said, gave us a good starting point which we built on over the course of the day. Obviously always using BC, keeping house and orange crossed off the break and then just really working in the two extra players where they wanted to try making. We had some real problems keeping Dec alive snake side, with him failing to make god, snake or snake corner. Considering we were playing with 4 most points we did pretty well and felt that this field could really suit us. We’ve had some issues with the reffing in the past at the CPPS and elected to not play it this year as it seemed like hitting your head against a brick wall some of the time, with some ridiculous cheating going on. So, we went down the route of, if you can’t beat them; join them, and so have signed up to ref the whole series. This should net the team some funds and make up for the fact we didn’t get new whips last season, which we usually sell to help pay for costs through the year. The Sunday itself was pretty horrendous, and the less said about that, the better.

The following weekend we trained on the Sunday and just ran breakout drills against Nexus and Relentless all day long. It’s always good to run breakouts against Nexus, we quickly have to learn and adapt. A strong part of their game is the ability to get kills off the break, and we quickly find out what bunkers we wont feasibly be able to make against good shooters. You also quickly learn who needs to be covering what, if you lose someone off the break. On numerous occasions we found ourselves down a body off the break and Nexus had abused that within the few seconds given and already worked their way down a few doritos; if the point were to be left to run, I’m sure it’d of been game over shortly after. Taking a lot from that day, we did something which sounds simple, but for us was incredibly organised and civil, and took the time to sit down, as a team, agreeing 5 standard breakouts which we’d test out the following weekend.

Weekend before the event rolled around and due to a few ‘complications’ we had decided it would be best to just train on the Sat with Relentless, getting in points with Nexus and Disruption too, using the well laid out, full size astroturf field, which wouldn’t be accessible on Sun. Anyway, we ended up on the grass field for the majority of the day with bunkers that literally haemorrhage air like it was going out of fashion, but we made it work and got as much as possible from the day. The game plans all seemed to work, with us convincingly winning against Relentless all day, also beating Disription in all the points we played against them, and apparently providing the greatest challenge to Nexus that they’d had all day. It certainly seemed like the breakout drills from the previous week had paid off as we were able to take at least one kill off the break and more often than not, remain 5-alive ourselves, obviously a nice advantage within the first few seconds of a point. We left the day feeling really confident for the event ahead.

Weds before St Tropez myself, Rich, Al and Dec went down to B.W and just drilled the break-shots for a few hours. It was really nice to be able to not feel pressured to get on and off the field ASAP as someone else wanted to use it, and we got the chance to spot each other up, and really concentrate. It might sound like such a simple thing, but it was so much more relaxed, and felt like a great, albeit last-minute thing to do, and I can see why Nexus keep the main field to themselves most Sat’s to focus on this important work.

Anyway, we’ll have to see whether or not all the prep works out. Right now it’s time to crash the fuck out and sleep, tomorrow we head out to invade France…


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