Life extracts I feel like writing.

Normality Resumes

There’s no two ways about it… Work sucks.

Not exactly a major revelation I know, but there you go. I do however find it a real struggle to motivate myself, and my team at work, following a break – especially to a major event. There’s some buzz you get from the environment that you crave on return, even if you’ve had shit weather or a poor result, I’d rather be right back there, spending money, than sitting in the office like now, moaning about being in the office, but making money.

I don’t think it helps when I look out my window and opposite is a park and it’s a comfortable 18°C with blue skies all around. I went for a walk at lunch and it was pretty damn tempting to just not return to the office. One of the good things about the Civil Service is the flexitime, where-by you can leave work after you’ve done at least half a day, without having to request any annual leave or things like that. Pretty cushy really. Unfortunately in my latest team leader position the ability to leave when you want is sort of negated by people continually barraging you with e-mails and requiring things doing ASAP, and everyone has an annoying tendency to wait until you look like you’re preparing to leave, then pounce and give you some more work to delegate or whatever. Shouldn’t complain really, I enjoy being busy, at least I’m not practically falling asleep by early afternoon like I used to…

So, yeah, I’m in work and staring at 64 unread e-mails that had accumulated in my stead and hoping that they deal with themselves, which strangely enough just doesn’t appear to be getting me anywhere. It also doesn’t help matters that I put off doing some relatively crappy tasks before going away, and they now seem worse than they were before. Not cool at all.

Anyway, the above was what I wrote whilst feeling sorry for myself. I left work early-ish and now I’ve been for a run and am sitting around in my home with the sidedoors open, chilling the fuck out. I’d still much rather be back in St Tropez in 25°C heats with much better views than Birmingham, but it’s not exactly all that bad. I’ve got Band of Brothers on in the background, I’m nibbling some of Nobby’s Nuts, and contemplating making some proper food shortly. I’ll probably do some more editing of previous posts on here and make them public and put everything else off for a while.

Here’s a photo of our view from the hotel balcony in Cannes… Over the next week or so I’ll write up St Tropez, going to pull together all my notes from after games, right through to the silly shit the team got upto in the evenings.


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