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Cartel Media

Freshly unveiled today is a media company from Tommie Fawkes, called Cartel Media.

Now, if you’ve been around paintball in the UK for more than a few seconds, you should recognise Tommie’s name (at the very least I’d hope if you’re reading this it’s because I most recently mentioned him here); Tommie has been filming on and off since early 2010 and his work has been making leaps and bounds, with him developing a nice documentary style of filming which hasn’t really been seen in Europe and only tends to be done by DerDer out in the states. This style of filming really sets his videos apart from others because it just provides so much more insight into the sport we all love, it truly is the way forward if things are to ever be taken more seriously.

Last year Tommie teamed up with Kent of CustomPB in order to produce Custom Cartel, the collective responsible for the Uprising series following English teams through the Millenniums and also the series following London Nexus.

Tommie has done a lot of thinking during the winter months and developed the concept of building a media company that will explore the sports and lifestyles that interest him, and those around him, the most. He’s going to be starting off by filming the next leg of the Millennium Series in Germany, who he’ll be following is yet to be divulged, and then branching out into other sports – mostly extreme, and covering alternative lifestyles and cultures from street art through to tattooing.

The concept of Cartel Media and Cartel Media TV is to bring what interests Fawkes (other than chicken and black women) and his friends, to you, and to try and expose as many people as possible to the things and lives that intrigue us, and that some are lucky enough to lead. Cartel Media will not only produce their own videos and articles, but will re-post things that they find amazing or inspiring from other people. Cartel Media aims to be your one-stop social hub for everything extreme and alternative.

I’ll be providing what help I can with running the page, any website bits and bobs, and doing some articles and re-posting videos, as will Jay Ford and Edward Matthews. I’m sure as this venture grows Tommie will be getting more people involved to help him out, but right now, what Cartel Media needs most, is you guys, the fans! Get liking his Facebook page, and save the website into your favourites.

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  1. Jay ford

    Am I?

    9 May 2012 at 9:00 PM

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