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Bitburg – The Ban

I figured that since this is the thing that most people have been asking me about, then I should address it first…

In short, the answer to the most frequently received texts over the weekend, is, yes. Yes, I did receive a ban at the second Millennium Series event in Bitburg, Germany. I’m sure I could jokingly come up with mitigating circumstances such as Al and Dec’s choice of loud gangster rap all the way to the site that morning, but I wont list these as it defeats the point of this post; I’m not writing it here because I’m proud of this fact, it’s an embarrassment to myself and the team in honesty, and there is no shying away from that fact. No, the reason for writing it here is so as to ensure that I have explained the situation from my side, and that everyone receives the same story, from the horse’s mouth. Already there have been some pretty silly people adding two different situations (read here for the second one) together and coming up with a total of eleventythree.

Now, I wont be going into any detail over the other points in the game or the bad guys in question, or anything like that, I’ll cover that in the larger event write-up… But what I will do is try and paint a little picture of the lead-up to my actions, and what went on afterwards to try and explain it and save face for the team’s reputation.

Basically, Wade went down the snake side and mugged the remaining two players, with the last one being in God. In the process of shooting God he was bounced (he claims) and then incorrectly given a 141 penalty where-by the ref pulled Al as the nearest player, who had followed Wade down the field and shot the player in God too. Now, with refs not having actually declared the bad guy in God as being eliminated yet, I followed my previous two team-mates down the field and decided to confirm the kill on God, because now a ref was on top of him and as far as I knew, wiping the shots the previous two players had put on him, off. Some people may think this a harsh thing to do, but I was avoiding the seemingly obvious faux pas where-by I sauntered down the field to press the buzzer and that chuckle-head had been called clean and would then proceed to light me up.

On the way down the field I took a split second pause as I saw the tip of a head bobbing over the mini M and so put a couple of balls over in a jump-shot, then proceeded to run him down, putting a burst into the side of the guys face as I rounded the bunker. At this point I stopped shooting and he proceeded to spin on me and begin firing back. I simply then started to put another couple of bursts into him until he stopped shooting at me.

Things perhaps looked a lot worse than they were due to the fact that he has already been shot up by two players before me, and was also being shot by Rich across the field, who had also come down to kill the man who seemingly had as many lives as a cat.

In the midst of things, I’m pretty sure the ref who was on top of the player ended up being shot up a bit himself, and without a shadow of a doubt, he was more interested in self preservation and cowering away, than actually calling the Roosters’ player eliminated and trying to deal with the situation.

Once the player had stopped shooting at me, I stopped shooting bursts at him, I’m not sure whether Rich continued much after this point or not but the player ended up curled up and the last few balls I saw hit him were in the back of his head/neck. It might sound strange, but I can’t be sure whether I shot them or not, this whole thing happened pretty quickly and adrenaline and reactions just take control at times.

Anyway, a few seconds later and the ref who had been stood over the player, and Kenji, the head ref’ were stood in front of me demanding my player card.

The point ended and I went to speak to Kenji to try and explain my side of events and that if he hadn’t of span and continued to shoot me, I wouldn’t have been shooting at him. There was obviously confusion as to what had actually occurred as initially they were convinced I’d emptied my loader into him, but that’s a pretty ridiculous exaggeration. Anyway, they didn’t shift on the decision made on field and I apologised for my actions and shook both of their hands before returning to our pit.

I accept the ban that’s been awarded and the length of time is fixed, as per the rules, but can’t help but feel that it was a little harsh and that if the ref had done a better job in signalling the player as being eliminated in the first place after he had been mugged twice, then this could’ve been avoided. I’ve dealt and witnessed much worse bonus-balling than that, which has gone without a ban, and so once again I guess this comes down to the referees’ own interpretation of the rulebook doesn’t it…

As I said at the start, this ban is an embarrassment to myself and my team, and so I apologise to one and all, whilst I say that the ban could’ve been avoided by a ref’s actions, my actions were mine alone and so he is not to blame for that.

[Edit: I realise on re-reading this that it sounds like I blame other people… I’m trying to tell the story as I saw it, I appreciate from someone else’s point of view it may just simply seem like I destroyed this guy – in which case it all rests on me. It’s all a matter of perspective, and as I say, I’ve accepted the ban and have to live with the consequences of my actions.]


4 responses

  1. Jay ford

    The fact you were one hand gangster shooting him probably didn’t help

    31 May 2012 at 6:11 PM

  2. Turn him into a toad!

    blap blap taramasalata

    31 May 2012 at 6:58 PM

  3. jrv

    loving the faux hican by the way

    31 May 2012 at 10:16 PM

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